Drafting My Student Book

I have begun brainstorming and making some drafts for my student book. I have so far enjoyed making the book design what is creatively and visually appealing to myself. I think I am going to use different yet consistent shades of blue for the color scheme (the beginning of this course came in handy for that). I know I want to use my print campaign ads, but I might try to get creative and make some additional ad campaigns that I could put in the book as well. I’m happy with my work from this semester but after looking back on my previous work, I realized that I want to improvise and make some better advertisements that are higher quality and more appealing to my liking.

As I have been writing this entry, I have been working on my book and I’m having a really good time with creating it! Almost all of the ads that I chose are new ones I made so that has been fun as well!

So far so good!

Author: annaruppblog

University of Oklahoma Kappa Kappa Gamma

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