Reflection Over My Campaign

First, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Adobe InDesign. I have found it more practical in certain aspects and with different uses compared to Illustrator. Practicing with InDesign has been easier for me to learn than Illustrator. For this campaign project, I found that my weaker points were trying to fully convey creative thoughts and how to create them within the program. I definitely would need more practice in order to grow my skills within InDesign and in order to make more creative or fulfilled advertisements. I saw this print campaign that could be used in a flyer type of fashion and thought that was a practical use of the assignment. I liked how I kept the same format and shaping of the ad for all three print advertisements in order for them to be cohesive and recognizable to the audience. Throughout this course I have definitely seen myself grown in the my abilities and skills in the design programs but I know that I have much more to learn!


Author: annaruppblog

University of Oklahoma Kappa Kappa Gamma

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