Color Scheme Challenge

In order to revamp the Parmigiano’s Pizzeria and Deli Menu, I decided to create a triad color scheme. They asked for the new menu color scheme to be traditional, fun, warm, inviting and also make the customers hungry.

The base color I chose was almost a bright primary red. Warm colors like red and the yellow in the color scheme show happiness and enthusiasm which I thought was very relevant for an Italian restaurant and in order for the menu to be positive and cheery. I wanted two blue tones in part of the triad because of the color blue’s positive and calming nature. Blues are very inviting and reliable in all uses. Overall, I was very happy with this color scheme and I thought that it would help benefit the restaurants business. Adobe Color was also very easy and helpful to use for it was my first time using the program.

Author: annaruppblog

University of Oklahoma Kappa Kappa Gamma

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