Typography Games

For this blog post, I played a variety of font games that helped me become more educated about typography!

Game 1: Shoot the Serif

Identify the serif and the sans serif fonts

This was a very helpful game where you picked with letter used a serif font. It made you think fast and learn even faster.

Game 2: Type Connection

I thought this game was fun in a sense that you were trying to find a match or love interest for a font that you chose. The game used different strategies that helped you see the similarities and differences in other fonts.

Game 4: Type War

For this game, it gave you a letter of a particular font where you chose which font it was out of the two options given to you. It was challenging because you were only looking at one letter but it was surprising how many I recognized

Author: annaruppblog

University of Oklahoma Kappa Kappa Gamma

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