Design Blitz


This message that was published in Ad Age’s monthly newsletter. It does not follow the typical color rules nor does it fit the warm or cool color definition. This print magazine cover symbolizes a simple yet traditional color wheel. It can also be compared to social media memes that are used with the same background and font style and color.



This Facebook advertisement screams minimalism. Although the use of negative space is black and not white, it can still be considered using minimal space. This image is of the back page of the Facebook ad that is more elaborate on the front side. The simplicity of the Facebook logo is complimented with the use of emojis and images that are floating on the bottom of the page.



This image uses repetition on a package envelope that has the company name repeated across the paper. This company also uses its logo on other forms of packaging in a repeated fashion and a few various sizes and colors. The use of a color scheme and logo variations repeatedly across different mediums for a company is very successful in their use of advertising as well as helping their target market become familiar with the brand.




This piece of art resembles a symmetric layout and design. The wall décor is balanced in all dimensions that help it become visually appealing to the human eye. The visual weighting of an advertisement or a physical piece of art can be very satisfying in the view of visual design and craftsmanship.



This cover of Advertising Age uses a variety of fonts and typefaces. The Advertising Age company title on the cover is written in a serif font while most of the other headlines include a sans serif font. Advertising Age’s use of typography helps the magazine and website stay consistent in content and familiarity for the reader. The use of typography is very important in developing consistency for a brand and its work.


Author: annaruppblog

University of Oklahoma Kappa Kappa Gamma

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