Final Blog Post

For my last post, I have been reflecting on my experience in this course over the past semester. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to learn about the various Adobe programs. I have definitely grown in experience, knowledge, and practice from the various things that I have learned from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and more. Here are some images of a few ads that I included in my student book.

Making the book was a great experience because I realized that I still have so much to learn about Adobe. It has inspired me to push myself in Adobe programs and my creativity!


Drafting My Student Book

I have begun brainstorming and making some drafts for my student book. I have so far enjoyed making the book design what is creatively and visually appealing to myself. I think I am going to use different yet consistent shades of blue for the color scheme (the beginning of this course came in handy for that). I know I want to use my print campaign ads, but I might try to get creative and make some additional ad campaigns that I could put in the book as well. I’m happy with my work from this semester but after looking back on my previous work, I realized that I want to improvise and make some better advertisements that are higher quality and more appealing to my liking.

As I have been writing this entry, I have been working on my book and I’m having a really good time with creating it! Almost all of the ads that I chose are new ones I made so that has been fun as well!

So far so good!

Reflection Over My Campaign

First, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Adobe InDesign. I have found it more practical in certain aspects and with different uses compared to Illustrator. Practicing with InDesign has been easier for me to learn than Illustrator. For this campaign project, I found that my weaker points were trying to fully convey creative thoughts and how to create them within the program. I definitely would need more practice in order to grow my skills within InDesign and in order to make more creative or fulfilled advertisements. I saw this print campaign that could be used in a flyer type of fashion and thought that was a practical use of the assignment. I liked how I kept the same format and shaping of the ad for all three print advertisements in order for them to be cohesive and recognizable to the audience. Throughout this course I have definitely seen myself grown in the my abilities and skills in the design programs but I know that I have much more to learn!


Illustrator and My Thoughts

As I finished the final draft for my logo redesign, I reflected on my experience using Illustrator. I am still such a novice at this program, but I like to think that my knowledge expanded after trial and tribulation of experimenting with the program. My design was officially improved by figuring out how to change the colors, shapes, and formation. But I also had to try and increase the creativity of my logo. I think that it will still take me more time in order to become more organic with the program in order to make more original and creative designs. This was definitely a greater “starter” project, because of how little experience I had with Illustrator. I was proud at my ability to download and incorporate a new font with the program, I think that that helps add personality to specific designs. What makes me least proud, is the border or rectangle around the logo. I wish that I had taken more time to make a fancier or more intricate design. I was surprised about how intricate the program itself is and how much time it takes to practice your skills and to improve your capabilities. I know from my friend’s experience, that it took her months to be fully capable with the program. Technology has helped me with this program and my knowledge of Illustrator by watching countless YouTube instructional videos and lots and lots of practice.

A Logo in the Making

In order to revamp the Carmel Hotel logo, I thoroughly enjoyed my time trolling through Pinterest and getting to explore hotel logo designs and color schemes. Although I find myself struggling with Adobe Illustrator, my rough draft will need to be highly improved. There was a common theme within the Pinterest research that had logos containing a modern feel yet simple. I also wanted to incorporate the same colors in the original Carmel Hotel logo while keeping it relevant to todays style and trends within the hospitality industry. My draft does not represent any of the final details because it took me longer than expected. I need to find another font as well as shape style. I also need to perfect the stars and color scheme of the logo. There were several hurdles that I faced including to find a better process to shape the stars and how to find the right font and spacing. I think that this project can be improved with lots of cosmetic but fundamental details and changes in order to improve the logo. Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.40.21 PM

My First Date with Adobe Illustrator

Alright, I have never used Illustrator before but I was familiar with its purpose from seeing it being used by friends and fellow students. I was excited to finally get a chance to experiment with it since I know that it will be a useful tool to conquer and have under my belt. I was very grateful for the Lynda tutorials since I would not know where to start. I have never really watched tutorial videos but these for simple and extremely helpful to understand the basic uses of Illustrator. I always have to pause the videos in order to figure out what I’m doing but for the most part they are well executed. Going into these tutorial videos and the anticipation of using Illustrator, I was anxious but excited to finally be able to use the product. The tutorials definitely helped because with out them I was only able to type my name and make some shaded boxes (shown below). So, needless to say that my experience was successful but I plan on using the tutorial videos VERY frequently.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 2.05.58 PM

Color Scheme Challenge

In order to revamp the Parmigiano’s Pizzeria and Deli Menu, I decided to create a triad color scheme. They asked for the new menu color scheme to be traditional, fun, warm, inviting and also make the customers hungry.

The base color I chose was almost a bright primary red. Warm colors like red and the yellow in the color scheme show happiness and enthusiasm which I thought was very relevant for an Italian restaurant and in order for the menu to be positive and cheery. I wanted two blue tones in part of the triad because of the color blue’s positive and calming nature. Blues are very inviting and reliable in all uses. Overall, I was very happy with this color scheme and I thought that it would help benefit the restaurants business. Adobe Color was also very easy and helpful to use for it was my first time using the program.

Design Blitz


This message that was published in Ad Age’s monthly newsletter. It does not follow the typical color rules nor does it fit the warm or cool color definition. This print magazine cover symbolizes a simple yet traditional color wheel. It can also be compared to social media memes that are used with the same background and font style and color.



This Facebook advertisement screams minimalism. Although the use of negative space is black and not white, it can still be considered using minimal space. This image is of the back page of the Facebook ad that is more elaborate on the front side. The simplicity of the Facebook logo is complimented with the use of emojis and images that are floating on the bottom of the page.



This image uses repetition on a package envelope that has the company name repeated across the paper. This company also uses its logo on other forms of packaging in a repeated fashion and a few various sizes and colors. The use of a color scheme and logo variations repeatedly across different mediums for a company is very successful in their use of advertising as well as helping their target market become familiar with the brand.




This piece of art resembles a symmetric layout and design. The wall décor is balanced in all dimensions that help it become visually appealing to the human eye. The visual weighting of an advertisement or a physical piece of art can be very satisfying in the view of visual design and craftsmanship.



This cover of Advertising Age uses a variety of fonts and typefaces. The Advertising Age company title on the cover is written in a serif font while most of the other headlines include a sans serif font. Advertising Age’s use of typography helps the magazine and website stay consistent in content and familiarity for the reader. The use of typography is very important in developing consistency for a brand and its work.



Typography Games

For this blog post, I played a variety of font games that helped me become more educated about typography!

Game 1: Shoot the Serif

Identify the serif and the sans serif fonts

This was a very helpful game where you picked with letter used a serif font. It made you think fast and learn even faster.

Game 2: Type Connection

I thought this game was fun in a sense that you were trying to find a match or love interest for a font that you chose. The game used different strategies that helped you see the similarities and differences in other fonts.

Game 4: Type War

For this game, it gave you a letter of a particular font where you chose which font it was out of the two options given to you. It was challenging because you were only looking at one letter but it was surprising how many I recognized